Joe Blewett

I am a retired newspaperman. I was editor of the Lake City (FL) Reporter, then a New York Times Company newspaper. I’ve always thought it might be fun to surf on a moonbeam!

This is my first--I guess I can't count the many news articles I wrote over a 30-year newspaper career (some probably said they contained a great deal of fiction). I also want to think Deborah L. Spiller for illustrating the book. Mrs Spiller has been a professional artist for over 40 years in the USA and overseas. She has illustrated several children’s books. You can visit her at her website:
Ski-Wee is indeed a magic Elf but he loses his magic when first asked by his peers to become all good Elves must do so then cannot take credit for their good deeds. Will he be banished from his faraway homeland? Get the book.
I'm an avid runner and have run for many years. My favorite place to run is on the beach, which i live nearby. In past years I ran 10 marathons, including Boston.

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