Never Knew Cover

Never Knew is a romance suspense novel about Lexi-Anne Wineberry, who just inherited her grandfather’s hotel in Coral Gables, Florida with her brother, Jaxton Wineberry. Being an attorney, her brother prefers to sell the business. Lexi-Anne wants to try to be a hotel owner but knows nothing about running a hotel. She thinks that by relying on her employees and using the internet she can make it work. Only someone has other plans for her and the business. Lexi-Anne isn’t the most ideal victim either. She has the support and trust of her family and long-time boyfriend to help her accomplish whatever it is she wants.


Maria Elena Martinez was born in Miami, Florida to Cuban parents and lives in Coral Gables, Florida. Her passion is writing suspense, women's fiction, and poetry. When she is not behind the computer, her time is spent with her mother, who is disabled, and the rest of the not so small family. Her Shichon dog, Minnie, keeps her active and entertained.

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