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The memoir began as a compass to understanding a disreputable criminal family history. Luellen Smiley, a woman torn between adoration and paralyzing fear of her father, faces an identity crisis ten years after his suicide. She begins a journey into her family’s criminal history in an attempt to rebuild the branches of her broken family tree. Suffering disgrace, anger, and her father’s haunting disapproval, she uncovers secrets tied to her father’s involvement with the Mafia—including his ties to Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel. The reader is taken inside Luellen’s investigation into who her father truly was while accompanying her on a journey to determine her own identity. Dive in, and see the culmination of the twenty years she spent creating this enlightening and riveting memoir. Luellen Smiley is an award-winning newspaper columnist, having written for publications such as the NY Post, MORE Magazine, and Southern California publications. Her unique vision brings to light the personal side of gangster life. Her extensive research has led to numerous TV, radio, and documentary interviews. Tags: Amazon or Bookstore URL:

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