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Soul Music: Discover Your Personality Type so YOU can lead a life of Happiness and Success

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know what your favorite song says about you? Soul Music will show you this and much more. Through “Song Reads” (Personality reports based on an intuitive reading of the energy patterns held in your favorite song along with the energy patterns held within you as you listen to your favorite song) author Awen Finn has pinned down the traits most common to people who share the same favorite song. You may even discover something new about yourself.

All you need to understand yourself better, is your favorite song!

Using psychic intuition, “Soul Music” is a wholly unique book that reveals your strengths, weaknesses, and major issues while providing practical advice and life guidance. It is a must have for every library and anyone even remotely interested in the dynamics of personality. While you study your profile you will find it hard to resist examining those of family and friends. “Soul Music” helps you to better understand yourself and celebrates our differences and similarities as human beings.

Even total nonbelievers will find this attractive book fun to read. Everyone loves to read about him or herself. It makes for a fascinating and entertaining party game, to find out just how “true” you think these comments are for you. It’s possible that everyone you know will say they’ve been nailed to a tee by this book.

Check out “Soul Music” either for yourself or as a gift for a friend: And when giving a present to someone, why not copy his or her favorite Song Read and make it into a card.

Here’s a sample of some of the Personality Reports (Song Reads) included in this awesome book:

“A Day in The Life” performed by The Beatles
“Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life” sung by Bing Crosby
“Drive All Night” performed by Bruce Springsteen
“Imagine” performed by John Lennon
“Islands in the Stream” performed by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton
‘Like A Prayer” performed by Madonna
“One” performed by Metallica
“One Tree Hill” performed by U2
“Safe and Sound” performed by Taylor Swift
“Shine On You Crazy Diamond” performed by Pink Floyd
“So Afraid” performed by Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey Buckingham
“Voodoo Child” performed by Jimi Hendrix

Read this book; it’s astounding! Each Song Read literally describes the qualities of the person from their favorite song. The description really seems like it was written about them!

And here are what some of Awen’s clients have to say about their Song Read:

“I am extremely blown away by this response! You are spot on with everything! Especially with the last paragraph, most of my favorite songs have the whole band singing together. Reading through this I defiantly learned some things about myself. Thank you!”

“That was a pretty cool description of me and what and who I am. On a 1-10 scale I’d give it 9.2”

“Thank you so very much, Awen. I agree my soul is talking to me and telling me what it needs”

“Nice work Awen! How do you work this out? A great gift!”

Soul Music offers insightful personality reports giving you endless hours of fun. Learn who you are and why you do what you do.

Read this book, it’s fun, it’s helpful, it’s extraordinary!
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