Promotion Tips

For you to have maximum exposure, we have included in your profile multiple social media fields for you to fill out.  Make sure that you fill out all fields including your pen name / display name (if applicable), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

If you see that there are fields that you don’t need, it’s because your promotional campaign is not at its maximum. You should join most of the popular social media sites on the web, using your pen name or author name as username, and come back to fill out the rest.

Our book upload is free. Uploading your book on our site allows you to take advantage of’s prominent status on the internet.  We are search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing experts who have been promoting clients over the internet for over a decade.

As SEO experts will tell you, having prominent websites talk about your book will increase traffic to your own website and product.  Therefore, when you upload your book on our site, fill out all URL fields available on the form so that your book will have maximum exposure.  If you have your own author website and would like a quote on SEO services, you can contact us anytime to discuss pricing.

Besides our free book upload service, we recommend that you take advantage of our featured services. They are inexpensive and designed to give your book promotion a big boost without hurting your pocket.

Whether you want to answer a few questions for our featured author interviews, advertise your book sales, or take advantage of our featured book service or tweet direct service, our services are designed to help you get noticed by advertising across different platforms.