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The Wonderful World of Bernies: An Irish – Italian Adventure in Queens

Dr Bernard Patten, neurologist, shares his life growing up in Queens, the progeny of first generation immigrants from two vastly different cultures. Adding to his troubles, he is dyslexic and slightly brain damaged from his near fatal birth. An unusual side effect is his ability to remember everything he has ever heard, and memorize it, if he chooses.

With two high profile politicians on the Irish side, with a fondness for oration, young Bernard was soon well known for his abilities to recite such things as “The Gettysburg Address” and “In Flanders’s Field”, on the same day. Perhaps you would rather hear a complete work of William Shakespeare? Or an entire Superman Radio show? Just don’t ask him to spell it or write it out.

Life was very different then, from the politics to the way medicine was practiced, and Dr. Patten’s excellent memory, sense of fine story telling, and fantastic sense of humor combine well. He takes you along with him as he recounts his adventures as a budding backyard chemist and his estrangement from the Catholic Church of his forefathers.


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