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A family with hair worth talking
about stars in a book that embraces inclusion.

Macy tells her classmates about all
the different types of hair and hairstyles in her black family. Grandma’s
amazing Afro when she was younger is now a neat gray one. Baby sister has
bright red puffy hair that she will let only Macy brush. Big sister and her
friends have locs, braids, and an Afro, and cousin Kiki’s hair is a different
color every time Macy sees her. The book’s most heartwarming illustration
features a double-page spread of Mum combing big sister’s hair, who pats one of
Macy’s puffballs, who plays in baby’s hair. Hair is truly a family affair! The
vibrantly colored (perhaps watercolor) illustrations feature different types of
diversity among the all-black characters: One of big sister’s friends appears
to be gender nonconforming, wearing a tie, shorts, and cornrows wound into two
big bantu knots; one of Macy’s classmates appears to have albinism, and Macy’s
best friend, Troy, aspires to be a famous hairdresser (while Macy intends to be
a famous doctor). The endpapers showcase 13 illustrated brown-skinned hair
models with flair. Notably, all of the hairstyles in Freeman’s book are
natural, which sends a positive message about natural Afro hair free of
chemicals or heat for straightening.

A fine mirror book for kids with
textured hair that has endless possibilities. (Picture book. 4-8)

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