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A small cat and a little girl stop a
crime in this illustrated tale.

Mouse, a tiny gray feline with huge
ears and a big voice, never seems to meow when her family can appreciate it. Instead,
she does so during television shows and breakfast time, and when everyone wants
to sleep. But Little Liz understands
what it’s like when others don’t listen; instead of telling Mouse to “hush,”
like everyone else, Liz listens, and Mouse listens to her. One day, when Mouse
hears an unusual noise in the kitchen, she tries to get her people’s attention.
Only Liz responds, and they discover burglars. Mouse saves the day with a
house-shaking meow, keeping the crisis in Benishek’s (The Squeezor Is Coming!, 2018, etc.) story from becoming too scary.
(The cat-burglar team also includes actual cats, which heightens the
silliness.) Mouse’s perpetual cheer, even in the face of being told to hush,
comes through in Young’s (Angel on
, 2018, etc.) color illustrations, which show Liz to be an irrepressible
youngster with dark skin and curly brown hair. The parallels between Mouse (who
“hadn’t grown into her ears yet”) and Little Liz (who “hadn’t grown into her
eyes yet”) are also cleverly expressed.

Youngsters who are constantly told
to hush will love how a little character’s big voice makes all the difference.

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