100 Jolly Jokes for all Occasions

100 jolly jokes season

A man, very upset, was complaining to his friend. “Last night, I was talking to my wife about living and dying. I told her not to ever leave me in a vegetative state, dependent on machines and liquids.” “And?” “She got up, unplugged the TV and took my beer away.” *** A man was at the library when he saw a beautiful woman reading a book. He decided to talk to her, and he asked her, “What are you reading?” “It’s a book about happiness in relationships.  Did you know that Japanese men are the most romantic men in the whole world?” “Really, that’s an interesting book.” the man answered. “By the way, let me introduce myself. I’m Takanori Sakamoto.” *** This collection of funny jokes will have you and your friends rolling on the floor with laughter. The jokes were carefully chosen so that you can enjoy them no matter what the occasion. Frida Malone does not publish indecent, adult or inappropriate sex jokes. This book is also a great gift for family and friends. Click Here to download it

About The Author

I am and engineer and I love to laugh. Writing joke books is just a wonderful hobby that I developed after friends and family seemed to like my joke.

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