Among the Daisies

among the daisies

This story is set in Key Largo, and features Stephanie Marshall, who is engaged to  be married to Gregory Roberts, Miami’s influential District Attorney.  Although Stephanie finally realizes that the man she really loves is Kevin Dupont, she had turned Kevin down two years ago.  Will Kevin ever come back to her? However, Stephanie’s love life is the least of her problems. Stacy Marshall, Stephanie’s wealthy and powerful former sister-in-law, is out to get Stephanie and has vowed to destroy her. To accomplish her sinister plan,  Stacy has Stephanie fired from her job,  has her followed, her phone tapped, her computer hacked, her condo broken into and much more.  Stacy also recruits a powerful ally to help her destroy Stephanie:  Stephanie’s own powerful fiancé. Will Stephanie be able to stop Stacy before it’s too late? Will Stephanie find happiness with Kevin?

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