Add Seats to the Supreme Court to unpack it. Use the domain to make your voices heard. It is for sale.

In Ronin we were introduced to Captain Tony Storm, call sign Guardian and his team, Hacker and Cowboy, in Extinction they take centre stage.
A quarter of a century before, a plan to enhance the military goes terribly wrong and is covered up, something that General Sinclair, the Head of Col Sec has had to deal with ever since.
An attack on a defunct base in deep space by an old enemy threatens to unleash a horror on mankind that could cause its end.
Guardian and his team find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and are pitted in the forefront of the struggle.
Can they stop this secret from escaping or is mankind doomed to extinction?
Tags: Col Sec 5, Action/adventure, sci fi thriller, adrenalin fuelled action, future fiction thriller
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