Extreme Injustice: Volume 1: Top Wrongful Executions of All Time

extreme prejudice

Is there anything worse than being convicted of a crime that you did not commit? How about being executed for a crime that you are innocent of? That is what happened to many of the people in this book.  They were executed for murders that they did not commit, while the real killers went free, knowing that no one would ever come after them and that they were free to kill again.  If the idea of an innocent man being executed does not shock you, it is because you have not read some of the stories in this book. When such an extreme injustice occurs, it’s not only the executed person who suffers a miscarriage of justice.  The victim does not get justice either because the killer is still on the loose.  The family of the executed person is left with a ruined family reputation and with their faith in the justice system shattered by a system that failed everyone. Writing this book has opened my eyes to the harsh reality that justice sometimes does not prevail. Get it on KINDLE today. It is  only $0.99

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