Little Sparrow, A Kiowa in Love

Karen ran away, leaving her family

and her dreams behind. She returns

for Thanksgiving only to sleep with

a man who could end her career, the

most important thing to her. She


Richard didn’t need anyone in his

life since his wife died. Work

consumed him, until a storm delayed


He’d ended up in bed with Karen,

only to have her run out and vow

never to see him again. But he

needed more.

For Karen, Thanksgiving had turned

into a complete fiasco when she

realized that her Mother had invited

Richard to Thanksgiving!

They never guessed who was behind

all. Who the grand instigator was.

Enter Grandfather, he raised his

daughters the Kiowa way. He needed

his heritage to be passed to the

next generation. But Karen kept

running away from him.

Grandfather took one look at Richard

and decided to put him through the

trials. No one courted his

granddaughters unless they were


But even if Richard passed the

trials, could Grandfather convince

them that they belong together? And

more importantly, with him?
Tags: Romance RomCom Fiction Native American Cowboy Western
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