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Only the Devil Tells the Truth

Nick Johnson is a survivor.

He’s had a small taste of success, but he’s dying inside. Searching for purpose in the wake of unforeseen tragedy, Nick finally embraces his passion for writing – a process that will force him to face his own demons.

This page-turning story follows Nick and his teenage friends as they navigate a world of poverty, drugs and alcohol, broken relationships, and wasted dreams.

Only the Devil Tells the Truth captures life as a poor California kid in the 1990’s. It then becomes a universally relatable quest for a life worth living. It’s a story that grabs your emotions from the first page and carries you through a spectacular journey you won’t soon forget.
Tags: teen, california, addiction recovery, poverty, redemption, survival, young adult, relationships, family
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Jake DParent

Jake grew up in San Jose, California. He writes in a gritty minimalist style that makes his work hard to put down. His background includes personal hardship, scholarly achievement, and several humanitarian pursuits – all combining to make him a unique and powerful voice in contemporary literature.

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