The Path to the Paleo Diet

I’ve had a bad year or two, health wise and then a couple of months ago, my doctor announced I now had Type Two Diabetes!
Something had to be done, and quickly. I started to research all the popular and not-so-popular diets that the healthy people I know follow.
I quickly realized that what I needed was not so much a new diet as a new way of eating, a healthy new way of eating! A regimen I could live with, day in, day out, for the rest of my life. A way of eating that I could follow as I travel the globe pursuing my writing career.
I know a couple who used to be fat and out of shape, too tired to do much but go to work and collapse in front of the television once they got home and had dinner. But now, now they’re the picture of health, no longer obese, full of energy and vitality. They have all the vim, vigor and vitality they need to live a very active, fulfilled, exciting life.
I asked, no, demanded, to know their secret. They smiled at each other and told me.

That secret is The Paleo Diet, and now I’m on the road to being as fit and sassy as they are…and oh, yes…my blood sugar is already back to normal.
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