The Road to L.A.

Contemporary Romance Novel

Carly Cabrerra has always looked up to her childhood friend Jake Harmon. His magnetic charm and to-die-for good looks have stirred something deep inside of her that she can’t ignore. But she simply can’t allow herself to acknowledge these feelings – Jake is her best friend and nothing more.

Jake has finally achieved everything he’s ever wanted. He is a famous rockstar with plenty of fame, fans, and beautiful women vying for his attention. His star is shining more brightly than ever and he is determined to relish every moment of it. With so many women to choose from, he has no desire to give his heart to just one.

When Jake invites his Carly to L.A. she hopes she can finally confess her love for him. But it becomes nearly impossible with constant competition from his hordes of female admirers. While her doubts make her hesitate, the intensity of his touch and possessive jealousy give her hope. Can Carly overcome her vulnerabilities to get what she wants? Can Jake release himself from inner demons that make him blind to the truth? Will the burning flames of their attraction ever unite in fiery passion?
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