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When the Dragons Came Bookcover3

When the Dragons Came

The day started like any other day. As always, Janice breaks the rules of the house and gets into an argument with her mom. The argument stops after they both hear a loud thunderous sound. They look up into the sky and are both shocked to see a very huge dragon. Janice goes to the hills to find her younger brother Danny. After the dragons invade earth, Janice and Danny’s lives are forever changed. Everything that they knew was gone including Danny’s right eye. As they fight to survive, they meet William, Stephanie, and Jacob. That is when their journey gets even more intense. Along the way, Janice finds herself chosen to save the world from the dragons. Will Janice, Danny, and their newfound friend be able to save the world?


My name is Maria Isabel Rosario. I am a writer and illustrator. About a year ago I wrote my first children's book, but until now I didn't have the courage to publish and sell it. Then I also decided that I needed to make a poetry book. Now at the age of 44, I feel that I either take a chance to make my dream come true or live forever with regret. I couldn't grasp the idea of the "What if?" question lingering in my mind. I have three beautiful children that look up to me. It was hypocritical to tell them to follow their dreams when I had not started mines. I have only just started this journey. I can't wait to see where the ride takes me.

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