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A mission back to 18th-century
France traps Delia Bean and her Epoch Squad in a time loop from which they have
to be rescued by their later selves.

Hidden agendas and wheels within
wheels begin to emerge in this follow-up to the 2017 opener as the newly
fledged squad is trained by genial time traveler Richard Nixon (“They always
guess JFK!” he booms) in various seemingly random skills that turn out to be
oddly useful later on. They are then sent to a ball in 1778, where their
mysterious nemesis, the Grey Earl, first traps them, then secretly allows them
to escape as part of some larger scheme. Meanwhile, nascent romances bloom and
wilt, troubling revelations about the Time Museum’s origins come to light, and
the squad shows its mettle in first battling a plant monster and later an
outsized armored warrior. Though his panels tend to be small and tightly packed,
Loux shows rare talent for depicting thrillingly dangerous-looking adversaries and
cranking up both action and comedy with close-ups of wide-eyed, wide-mouthed
faces. Nixon, who often looks more like Bob Hope (and behaves more like Robin
Williams), is a scene stealer, but Delia and her team are lively enough to keep
the plot moving along briskly. Except for new addition Pauline, a dark-skinned
British rock guitarist with a thing for Delia, diversity markers are present
but barely visible in the cast.

More excitement in the time stream—but
always with time to party in between. (Graphic science fiction. 10-13)

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