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To escape a highly publicized family crisis, a champion skier
travels to Argentina, where she joins a community of expats who, like her, are
hiding dark secrets.

Katie Cleary hops a plane to Buenos Aires on a whim and reinvents
herself as Liz Sullivan, a tour guide with a broken heart. In reality, her past
is much more sinister. In alternating chapters, she recounts the events that
led her to abandon her Olympic dream, leave her family behind, and break up
with her boyfriend, Luke Duncan, who is a fellow skier and a longtime family
friend. Glimpses of Katie’s childhood with her beloved sister, Penny, offer
tantalizing clues as to what went wrong and why they’re now estranged. As
Katie’s life falls apart, Luke’s brother, Blair, emerges as the supportive
friend—and maybe more—that she couldn’t find in Luke. Meanwhile, in Buenos
Aires, Liz meets Edward and Gemma, a pair of wealthy expats who welcome her
into their “Buenos Aires Lonely Hearts Society.” Through them, she meets the
mysterious and brooding Gianluca, who teaches her to tango. Cutting in on a
love triangle with the two brothers, Gianluca’s dance lessons somehow have less
fire than Liz’s memories of home even though they lead to a truly steamy fling.
But when the past finally catches up with her and her group, Katie learns more
about Gianluca, his friends, and his country than meets the eye, putting all
their sordid stories into new perspective and clearing the way for healing,
forgiveness, and a return trip home.

The twisty ride to the bottom is heartbreaking and compulsively



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