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Intermittent Fasting Book Cover

Intermittent Fasting: How a Regular Fasting Diet is Good for Your Overall Health and Weight Loss


Are you fed up with fad diets, yo-yo weight loss and weight gain and are you particularly tried and frustrated with counting calories?

Well, I’ve got the solution for you… Intermittent fasting! Don’t let the word “fasting” fool you. Fasting has been around for millennia and has many, many health benefits to it. A major benefit of intermittent fasting is the ability to burn fat; that stubborn fat around your belly and everywhere else.

Intermittent fasting is easy; no calories to count – just decide on the specific time period you want to eat or which days that you will be fasting.


In this book, you will learn the “how” and “why” of intermittent fasting. You will learn the multiple health benefits from allowing your body to be in a fasted state.

You are not starving yourself, you are healing your body… Intermittent fasting is not just for losing weight, but for gaining overall health!!

Some of the great health benefits of intermittent fasting include:
• Cellular repair, increase human growth hormone, protection against disease
• Change in hormone levels to access stored body fat easier
• Lose belly fat
• Lower risk for Type 2 diabetes
• Improve heart health
• Effect the metabolism which can lead to reduced risk for cancer
• Improve metabolic features that are important to brain health
• Can prevent Alzheimer’s disease
• Live a longer and healthier life.


Also, included in this book is information about the liver, which plays a huge part in your weight loss journey.

You will receive a list of supplements that help to accelerate your weight loss and are just darn good for you. As well as foods that naturally detox the liver and foods that contain good fats. We all need good fats as part of our daily diet for optimal health.

Lastly, you will receive drink and tea “recipes” that help to detox the liver and burn that stubborn body fat.

Would You Like To Know More?

Download now and start on your road to continuous health TODAY!


Marie Thomas is a passionate Wellness Advocate and Certified Reflexologist who is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Marie has followed a vegan diet for over a decade and recently became a pescatarian. Through her healthy diet and the power of intermittent fasting, she lost a total of 25 pounds. Today, Marie’s desire is to share everything she has learned with those who are seeking tried-and-true health advice.

From weight loss and fasting to dieting and natural cures, Marie Thomas is dedicated to helping people optimize their well-being so they can live the happy, healthy life that they have always deserved. Holistic in her approach, she strongly believes that one’s spiritual well-being is just as important. Therefore, she also teaches people the art of connecting with their innermost selves. Through meditation, positive thinking, and creative visualization, her mission is to provide the tools necessary to create a harmonious balance between body, mind, and soul.

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