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‘The Pioneering. Paranoia. California Thriller.’ – Sunday Times.

A pacey thriller with threads of dark humour. Based on real events including the accidental deaths of 22 British scientists all working on President Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ missile defence shield.

A failed quarterback, failed husband and failed architect, finds redemption through the music of a failed songwriter – along with more than a little help from the new lady in his life.

When the drinking, smoking, womanising, central character, Morgan, receives a rejected demo tape, his friends start meeting with bizarre accidents
Eventually it dawns,’ Somebody is out to get me.’ He runs to the California Desert, picking up the inevitable girl en route, on to London, then back to LA where all is revealed. The body count keeps rising and Morgan has no idea why.

The darkness of the central message is carried in the ripping yarn and the dichotomy between those who rule our lives and those who live by the rules is ruthlessly exposed. A roller-coaster of drama, excitement, pathos, love and violence – and at it’s heart the greatest Conspiracy the Western World has ever faced.

‘The book with the soundtrack’
‘A wonderful, scintillating package. In which words and music speak to the heart and mind about the importance of truth and of love and of honesty.’ – BBC TV The Slate/Late Show

‘ Lyrical, even in the midst of mayhem.’- BBC Radio

‘A seminal work of great importance.’ – BBC TV The Slate/ Late Show

‘Deeply involved and impeccably phrased’ -The Scotsman
‘Superb’ – Time Out

‘I want to make this Movie!’ – Irvin Kershner. Director, Empire Strikes Back.

David Lake

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David Lake has a background in both Scientific research and the Music Industry. Both these elements are present in Tears Of Glass and are interwoven within the narrative.
He was the marketing manager for Virgin in the seventies and also contributed to the live music scene in the UK, promoting major artists including Vangelis at the Royal Albert Hall and Tangerine Dream at Coventry, Liverpool and Yorkminster Cathedrals.
Rock concerts in a Cathedral was a first for the UK and Tears of Glass is also a first.
'The World's First Interactive Book' - Publishing News. The eBook contains a link to blusey ballads by Paul Millns, a Bafta winning songwriter with covers by Elkie Brooks and Bonnie Tyler.
The music can be accessed, even though the reading device may not have this function.
The songs are an integral part of the narrative and are a device to draw the reader into the emotional situation of the main characters.
Lake has produced many music videos as well as a number of TV specials. A short cinematic piece went out with a Bond movie in the UK and the visual quality of Tears of Glass excited film directors such as Irvin Kershner, Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back, to write
A must for anyone's collection.

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