Among The Ducklings

amongh the ducklings

Among the Ducklings. The story is set in present day Miami and features Isabel Romero who is engaged to Richard Seyfert, but falls in love with Phil Pierce. Who will she choose? Richard is hiding a terrible secret, and he is rushing to marry Isabel before she finds out. Phil, on the other hand, has an ex-fiancée, Stacy Marshall, who will stop at nothing to get Isabel out of Phil’s life. Stacy has a plan to get rid of Isabel and she is following it perfectly, with great success. However, Stacy has one secret that can unravel her plan. Will Stacy’s secret ever come out? Isabel is committed to honor her promise to Richard to marry him. Will Isabel ever find out Richard’s secret before giving up on love for honor? For a sample of this wonderful romance novel by Marsh Brooks, click here.

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