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What You Need To Know About Narcissists: Why Cartwheels In Bed & Circusworthy Stunts Won’t Matter

Realizing that your partner is a narcissist is a painful and confusing experience. Oddly enough, it’s also liberating.
Finding out there’s a name for what you’ve been dealing with brings a sense of relief. Finally, an explanation for all the insanity.
After the initial shock from realizing you’re in a toxic relationship, many questions will follow. You may find yourself desperately searching for answers.
– Can a Narcissist change?
– Are Narcissists capable of love?
– Do all Narcissists cheat?
– Do Narcissists enjoy abusing their partners?
So many questions. Such an insatiable need to find out the truth.
“What You Need To Know About Narcissists: Why Cartwheels In Bed & Circusworthy Stunts Won’t Matter” answers these questions, and many more.
After escaping her 18-year marriage to a Malignant Narcissist, Serena Prince wanted answers too. Following months of extensive research, she began answering questions about Narcissists on Quora.
This book is a compilation of her answers to some of the most relevant questions from Quora about Narcissists and their toxic relationships.


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