The Book was written to help Guide the young minister in areas of Ministry. Pulpit Etiquette, talking to the opposite sex. Conducting yourself in and out of Church. Dress Code for Ministers, When is it appropriate to wear a Robe when preaching. And so much more. No matter of age, if you are new to the ministry this book will help you to get started and not making costly mistakes, that young ministers make.

Bishop Lorenzo Edwards

Pastor New Destiny Purpose Church. Author, Father of 5.

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Widely known as the crown jewel of St. Augustine wedding venues, the Lightner Museum wedding venue is more than an iconic treasure, it is an iconic place located in an iconic section of St Augustine, the oldest city in the United States.

You will not find a more exquisite location to get married in Florida.  That’s why the Lightner Museum, formerly opened in 1888 as the grand Hotel Alcazar and a place where culture meets history, is one of the most celebrated wedding venues in St Augustine, Florida.