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Bloodlust: Jonas Cane, U.S. Marshal

Jonas Cane is a peace officer with a problem; he has a gift that allows him to anticipate what others are doing and thinking. The gift has made him the fastest gun in the west; however, it has come with a price— painful headaches… and fragmented dreams.

Welcome to Cochise County in the Arizona Territory. It’s 1881 and Bisbee is located 25 miles south of Tombstone. While Tombstone has its difficulties with character clashes between the Cowboys and the Earps, the little mining town of Bisbee is not without its problems. Its citizens must deal with the most sinister madman the west has ever seen.

Cane’s powers seem ineffective in tracking down this deranged killer. The brutal and bloody violence which wipes out the Roeter family and every ranch hand on the Bar Double R ranch staggers the wildest imagination and sickens the strongest constitution.

In this Western Horror, US Marshal Jonas Cane will muster every ability and resource he can to bring a ruthless killer to justice. Being the most insidious evil the Arizona Territory has ever witnessed, will Cane’s quest end in triumph or tragedy?
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