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Deadly Love (Chinatown Haunting Book 1)

Dark, Dangerous… Sensual
I’m Jasmine Huang. Five years ago, I was murdered in Beijing when I was twenty. I gave birth eight months later. I was haunted by not knowing who the real killer was and stalked my ex for years, finally winding up in Vancouver’s Chinatown when I discovered the truth. That allowed me comfort in leaving the natural world and I was en route to the Next Place when I heard my daughter Mei-Mei call me back to earth. She’s all that’s important to me and I will not leave unless she is with me.

In the first place I look is this old Chinaman ghost. This horny lech tells me I’m beautiful and wants me to help him. Ugh! I keep looking for Mei-Mei but find nothing but a fourteen-year-old hooker and her demon pimp. Surly, obnoxious, evil.

But I need these sick, twisted creatures to help me find Mei-Mei in this dangerous spiritual netherworld. I hate it.

About the Series
Urban fantasy, paranormal thriller that takes place in and around Vancouver’s colorful Chinatown. They are the stories of the sexy, gorgeous and very dead actress Jasmine Huang. Jasmine loves her daughter but she also has her own needs. She wants to find love or romance or even just a decent guy. Until she does, she has to juggle the dangers of the netherworld and the natural world.
Tags: Paranormal, Thriller, Chinatown, Wesley Robert Lowe, Deadly Love
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Wesley Robert Lowe

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