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Exodus (Clare Thibodeaux Series Book 1)

Clare Thibodeaux was working as a nurse in the ER of a busy Panama City hospital. On a hectic night, the victim of a vicious attack is brought in by ambulance. Still in critical condition, the patient is sent to the OR in the hope of saving his life. While cleaning up the trauma room, Clare finds the man’s wallet, and discovers he is her brother’s best friend from Michigan. The news is devastating for her bringing back memories of her tragic past which she thought she had put behind her.
A series of violent events occur and she is left reeling in shock. The only thing they each have in common is Clare. She believes the demons from her past have reappeared. Fearing for her life, she packs a duffel bag of belongings leaving the new life she had forged for herself in Florida behind her. As a hurricane is anticipated to make landfall along the Gulf Coast, Clare joins the mass exodus of Floridians trying to get out of the path of the storm.
Clare’s storm is just beginning. With the help of her parents’ friends, she goes into hiding. Two men vie for her affection, but she doesn’t know who to trust with her heart or her life.
Tags: Suspense, FBI, domestic terrorism, Navy Seals, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kate McGinn, politics, ER nurse, romance, Romantic Suspense
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Kate McGinn

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