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Lucas Flynn was too involved with his multi-billion dollar business empire to bother with a relationship. Relationships took time and effort he’d rather spend expanding internationally.
But he enjoyed women. He enjoyed them very much. His solution?
It started in Grad School. Every month he’d date a different woman. Over the years a pattern emerged – month one was a brunette, month two was a blonde, the third month, a redhead. Then it started again.
It worked for him.
After all, he was a busy man and rarely saw any of them more than five or six times in the month he allotted to them anyway. It seemed like he dated a lot more, because the paparazzi was always there to take pictures of Lucas and his Flavor of the Month as one inventive journalist had dubbed them.
He gave them all a little speech on the first date. He spelled it out in detail. He didn’t want a permanent girlfriend, a wife or a family. This was only a one month fling. The tabloids told these lucky women the same thing, but some of them didn’t believe him, and turned up the beginning of the next month. He sent them to Barbados for four weeks. They got the picture.
When Lucas saw Rachel Rodgers on a plane, his only thought was when he would slot the honey blonde into his dating schedule. When he arrived home, found he urgently needed a temporary personal assistant and realized Rachel had the skills to do a great job for him, he hired her.
His permanent assistant would be back in January…so December would be a good month to enjoy Rachel’s charms on a personal basis. He always dated blondes in December.
The difference between dating Rachel and all his other Flavors of the Month was that he’d already had the opportunity to get to know her, and suddenly the relationship meant more than thirty one days of fun. Maybe he could bend the rule a little, and see Rachel through January as well?
Rachel had no illusions about the handsome billionaire. She would enjoy a December fling and then move on. She didn’t take Lucas’s lingering interest in her seriously. She knew he was fickle.
She was the one to move on.
Would Lucas try to win her back and build a life with her? A life that included marriage and a family?
Rachel didn’t think so…
Book One: His December Blonde
Book Two: The January Girl
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