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Kayla and Isaiah: Going to the Park and My Cat

ayla and Isaiah: Going to the Park is a book about a brother and sister that are really excited that their mother is taking them to the park. It’s a book that shows kids the importance of playing outdoors. It also shows parents the importance of spending time with their kids.

In My Cat, Kayla introduces Delphine. She talks about Delhpina’s mischievous ways.


My name is Maria Isabel Rosario and I a children’s book writer. I live in New York, NY. The child characters in Kayla and Isaiah: Going to the Park is based on my two younger children. Their love for each other is what inspired me to do this book. I also have a poetry book on Amazon called My Inner Me. One of the poems in My Inner Me was published in the Talent in Motion magazine. I am single mom and I live with my three beautiful kids. Elijah, Kayla and Isaiah. I spend my time with my kids, listening to music and watching movies.

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