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Lucy The Cat: Little Brother

*** Lucy The Cat: Charming Picture Book Series for Children and Cat Lovers ***

Lucy The Cat is a 5-Star, charming children’s picture book series about Lucy, the cute Sacred Birman cat.
In the first Book Lucy The Cat Lucy tells about her own life with funny stories and beautiful pictures. Lucy is the boss in the house and wants to help her human mom and dad in all daily chores like watering flowers or using sewing machine She is a modern cat who loves all kind of gadgets like googling with laptop or reading news with dad using iPad .
In the second book Lucy The Cat: Little Brother Lucy tells about her little brother Cristiano. You will meet Cristiano already when he was only a few days old. You will see how Cristiano learns many new things during his first few weeks. Will Cristiano become the best soccer player or the world’s strongest cat? But first he needs to learn to take care of himself. Of course mama cat helps and teaches him. You will learn that young kitten’s life is full of surprises and funny things. Lucy is the expert to tell the story because she is a cat, too. Humans have sometimes challenges to understand cats’ inner life. Therefore it is better to have a real expert’s view.
Especially Children and cat lovers will enjoy beautiful pictures and engaging charming story.
Lucy The Cat loves her brother, because he is a perfect, purrfect kitten
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