Mixing Pain Into Pleasure

From being an abused child by both family and friends of her family, Wendy turned into a psychotic shell of a being that had never actually been able to love or be loved. Starting in middle school being the oldest due to being held back a few times, her adventures continued to unfurl as a hopeless child of abuse. MIXING PAIN INTO PLEASURE is the first of a potential mind-twist series that describes in detail the life struggles for Wendy beginning with you, the reader, finding out in this first book about some of the hell she went through as a young adult.
Finding a job after high school didn’t help her self esteem, marriage didn’t help her confidence, so she tries to feel needed and bakes for her co-workers and husband trying to find redemption of her self-worth while she struggles to find closure and acceptance in her own way.
The story begins with Wendy landing a full time job. She sits at her new desk and contemplates calling her mother, whom has never loved or cared for her, to prove to her that she did make it after all. Because of Wendy’s psychological state her thoughts quickly turn to various events that have happened in her past and she begins to relive them one by one. From her first puppy love in middle school to her current husband and then to her eventual release from a psychiatric institution this story reveals events in Wendy’s life that have molded her into the unfortunate being she is today.
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