On Your Own

Do you ever feel alone in the world, that you lack a real connection to anyone or anything? The characters in this book know that feeling. On Your Own attempts to accurately report the emotional history of a generation, examining various stages of life, from childhood to old age. In this collection of short stories and vignettes, simple, precise language is used to convey complex emotions.

Some of the themes examined include: a lost young man from a small town finds excitement and purpose in big, bustling Chicago; a son reluctantly decides to confront his father about a family scandal; childhood fear of school; the battles between brothers growing up; how victory and defeat is handled in competitive sports; the disappointments of career; the uneasy relationship between men and women and marriage; an old man’s struggles with loneliness and alcoholism.

The characters come to realize they are on their own in this world, and that everyone else is on their own, too.
Tags: Fiction, literary, short stories, coming of age, brothers, young adult, city life, marriage,
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