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SNAKES: Shaolin Darkness 2

Hell Unfurls on Earth as it does in Heaven

Micah Keating. Son of missionaries. Mentored by a Shaolin Grandmaster. President of three-billion-dollar foundation with funds hijacked from Triad leader, Chin.

Severely burnt and in rehab, Chin commissions his son, King, master and connoisseur of all things connected to snakes, to lead the savage charge to recover the family’s illicit fortune.

King, with clandestine military precision, hounds Micah as he accompanies his mentor on a journey of death and adventure to Heaven, the mystical Kung Fu monastery in the mountains where the aged master learned The Way of the Shaolin.

With a story that moves with the speed of a Ferrari, yet with the breathtaking drama of Star Wars, SNAKES is a rich story of experiences never seen that will entertain even the most adrenaline-charged reader.
Tags: Action Adventure, Shaolin, Martial Arts, Asian, Combat, Asian Triad
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Wesley Robert Lowe

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