The G.I.N. Legacy


The G.I.N. Legacy is a provocative and captivating international spy thriller by Michael Julian that is now available on Amazon. The scene begins on the outskirts of Paris with a brutal murder. World renowned chef Jason Wade is contacted by an ex-girlfriend—a covert agent who needs his help desperately. But then she mysteriously disappears. Wade is suddenly thrust back into his dark past, and tied to an agency he has long since tried to distance himself from— the ultra-clandestine International Intelligence Agency, INIA. Once again, he finds himself trapped in a web of espionage and anonymous killers. Wade and his wife become targets of a notorious secret network, the GLOBAL INTELLECT NETWORK, G.I.N. , whose tentacles reach inside every government in the world. The couple is on the run across two continents forced to play a bloody game of survival as Wade tries to solve the puzzle left behind by his ex-girlfriend. Finding the answers will stop G.I.N. from a deadly global take over, already in the works. Wade is the only one who can piece together the clues…the only one who can stop them! His ultimate challenge comes when his wife is kidnapped by the group and he has to choose between stopping the Network’s plot, hours away from execution, or saving the love of his life. There isn’t time to do both. Download your copy now.  

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