The Complete Gospel According to Matthew Trivia Book: Over 960 Bible Trivia Questions Inside! (Books of the Bible Trivia Series Book 2)

This fascinating book details interactions between people and angels, demons, and unclean spirits; the shocking slaughter of innocent children; the calling of the first disciples, and the heavy cost of discipleship; numerous accounts of demon-possessed children, adolescents, and adults; corruption at various levels of government, and church; and immense miracles, wonders, and healing worked through and by the hands of Jesus and his followers.

Believed to have been written by the apostle Matthew, one of the original twelve disciples of Jesus, between A.D. 60 and 65, this book delivers a unique and seemingly firsthand account of the King of Israel’s rejection by his own people, church conceived deception, and the coming judgment and glorious return of Jesus Christ.

Containing over 960 Bible study questions, this book encompasses the entire Gospel of Matthew, in question and Scripture-answer format, all in chronological order.

2nd Edition Includes:
– new and updated questions
– updated easy navigation menu
– now featuring the Regeneration Translation Bible; a completely updated version of the Holy Bible in plain English that has been carefully rejuvenated to modernize archaic numerology and words and phrases while maintaining the original character and integrity of earlier translations.

I hope you enjoy it!
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