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Linda Wilson had worked hard to establish her Public Relations and Advertising Company as one of the best in the Pacific Northwest, putting work well ahead of play.
When her partner absconded to Brazil with not only all the money they had in the bank, but all the money available from the expanded Line of Credit he’d managed to open, she was left up the proverbial creek, millions in debt.
Hugh Brandon offered her the opportunity to earn a contract, a lucrative contract that was Linda’s way out of the red. He and his brother were starting a new Cruise Line, and the money she’d earn if she got their business would see Linda free and clear.
So it wouldn’t be a good idea to get involved with the man on a personal basis, would it? It was not wise, mixing business and pleasure, even when the man was as handsome, rich and charming as Hugh was.
He was a love ‘em and leave ‘em type of guy, quoted many times as saying love and marriage were fine for other people, just not for him.
Could Linda, would Linda settle for being in his arms for only a short time? Could she settle for being his January Girl, knowing that there’d be somebody else in February?
Could she resist the temptation? Would she agree to be his friend with benefits when their time together was over?
Linda was a strong woman, but Hugh made her weak at the knees…
This is Book Two of the FLAVOR THE THE MONTH Series.
Tags: eBook, contemporary fiction, women’s fiction, series
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